Doodle Fur: 7 Life-Changing Facts You Need To Know About Your Dog

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At FIDUS Pet Concierge doodle grooming is not only our passion, it’s our specialty! Over 65% of our clientele own a type of doodle mix ranging from teacup toy size breeds to 180lb Bernedoodle mixes – making us the expert on a variety of doodle coats, unique styling techniques, and parent preferences. In addition to grooming, it is our mission to help educate pet parents about how they can best understand and care for their doodles coat to ensure both the pup and their humans can enjoy a pain-free spa experience while keeping their luscious fur as long and soft as possible. Here are some interesting and helpful facts that you need to know as a doodle owner!

Fact 1: There are over 61 types of doodles, and none are “pure bred”

  • Doodles are considered a “genetic wildcard” so it is impossible to ensure a breeder can predict which type of fur or personality traits a litter will have.
  • Doodles come in three sizes: Small (under 10 in.), Medium, Large (15-27 in.)
  • The most popular are Labradoodes, Goldendoodles, and Cavapoos

Fact 2: There are four main types of doodle coats

  • Curly, Wavy, Straight, or Flat
  • There is no “breed standard” for doodle haircuts or styles, instead it depends on the doodle coat type AND the parent’s preference!
  • Presenting a photo of the doodle haircut you like will help in aiding us on how to groom your pup.

Fact 3: Doodle coats change around six months of age

  • Doodle fur transitions from light, fluffy puppy hair to their adult coats which have a variety of thicknesses and textures, but this transition can often lead to matting.
  • Work with your groomer to set a plan on how to handle the coat during this transition.

Fact 4: Some doodles are NOT hypoallergenic and DO shed

  • Generally, the curlier and more poodle-like a doodle’s coat is, the lower the shedding amount will be. Yet, doodles with a flat coat may shed heavily.
  • De-shedding treatment is a great option for shedding doodles to help control hair.

Fact 5: Doodle coats are high maintenance both at home and at the groomer

  • Doodles need to be brushed daily at home with two tools
    • Slicker Brush- First to soften and fluff the top layer of coat only, and break up knots
    • Metal Comb- Brushed through the bottom coat (closest to the skin) to ensure the fur is untangled and unmatted
    • The end result should be the ability to get the comb from the root to tip of the hair.
  • Doodles need to visit a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks
    • To keep up with the softest and cleanest fur and to ensure they are thoroughly brushed/combed. You can get them full haircuts or just trim ups.
    • Best way to avoid matting and the need to be shaved
    • Doodle grooming ranges from $65-$200 depending on:
      • The size of doodle
      • The type of coat
      • The condition of the coat
      • Dogs behavior during grooming
      • Time spent on the service

Fact 6: Introducing grooming at an early age can make or break the doodle’s experience, behavior, and your cost at the groomer! 

  • Doodles can see their groomer as soon as they have their first vaccinations to get them used to the sounds and sensations they will experience. (8-16 weeks old)
  • First grooms can include just a bath and blow dry, nail trim, and touch up trim.
  • Doodles that are not desensitized to grooming at an early age risk safety issues, increased handling fees, and may even be required to see a vet to complete the service.

Fact 7: Doodles are ESPECIALLY prone to matting and they do so very easily.

  • Matting occurs when a large clump of the doodle’s hair becomes tangled and knotted around itself. A mat is different from a surface-level knot or tangle in that it commonly involves the hair going all the way down to the skin.
  • Water can increase matting especially if they are not thoroughly dried and brushed out afterwards.
  • Matting can cause a great deal of pain for your doodle, and can lead to bigger problems such as bruising, rashes, and even aggressive behavior if left untreated as matting pulls on their skin.
  • It is dangerous to cut out a matt yourself and it may leave a hole in their coat which makes their haircut look uneven and spotty.
  • Most common places you can find matting:
    • Armpits
    • Underneath a collar
    • Behind ears
    • Paw pads
  • The best way to handle matting is to AVOID it in the first place, or to shave the fur completely to start over.
  • Your groomer should always inform you if a shave-down is required and obtain your approval before doing so.

Although doodles have become one of the most popular dogs in San Diego, pet parents are often surprised to learn these facts about them! We hope that you found this helpful. Please feel free to reach out to our Concierge with any questions about your doodle’s fur and setting up a coat care plan or to schedule your doodle’s grooming appointment today.

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