Everything You Want to Know About Our Unique Pet Concierge Service.


We invest greatly in training and certifications for our entire staff to ensure our clients and pets receive the best possible care, starting with Pet CPR & First Aid Certifications. Our dog walkers are certified by DogBiz Academy and our groomers are licensed to groom dogs.

Hours of operation for FIDUS Pet Spa & Boutique are 9am-6pm Daily and open to the public and residents. Service hours for ClubFIDUS members are 7am-9pm Daily and exclusive to residents only.

Our pet concierge is a luxury service dedicated to serving apartment-living pets and their owners who live in multi-use apartment communities. We offer a variety of in-home and on-site pet care services to pet owners in the most convenient way possible.

We are open to the public only at select Fidus Communities.

Dog Walking

We offer multiple solutions for dog breeds with high energy or for puppies who require more mental stimulation and focus.

We have found that the happiest most well-adjusted dogs are those that stick to a familiar walking schedule and stick with a familiar dog pack. That’s why we offer a variety of 30 minute walk packages and frequencies depending on your pups needs.

We schedule dog walks within a two-hour window. Our walks include pick up and drop off, towel-off if wet, fill your pets water bowl, provide daily report cards and photos, and track with GPS. We perform dog walks rain or shine.

We perform a personality assessment for each pet during our Meet & Greets, and are able to thoughtfully place your pup in a pack with friendly dogs who are the same size and temperament as yours. Our dog walkers are trained and certified in solo and group behavior and your pets safety is of utmost importance to us.

Our FIDUS Pack walks are unique in the industry and are strategically designed for groups of four or less pups who actively enjoy the company of other dogs. We will thoughtfully place your pup in a group walk any chance they get to satisfy your dogs need for socialization and mental stimulation. Although, we do offer solo walks for dogs with special circumstances.

Yes. Residents can book on-demand dog walks through our mobile app, or by text/phone and our on-site staff can perform services 7am-9pm Daily. Though, to ensure your desired time slot we recommend booking services at least 24 hours in advance, or placing your pup on a monthly schedule.

Self Serve Dog Spa & Grooming

No. The Fidus facility is conveniently located onsite at the Fidus community. Residents can bring their pet to the facility or we can pick them up and drop them off for residents of the Fidus Community.

Yes, many of our customers swear by getting their cats groomed to help with seasonal shedding, pet owner allergies, and cat health reasons. Our cat groomers are some of the best in the industry! Our cat groomers are certified and trained to perform cat baths, haircuts, creative coloring and temporary tattoos, and nail trims.

Our bath is comfortable for both big dogs and small dogs. Our baths are easily accessible with dog stairs so they can easily enter and exit the tub and you don’t have to hurt your back.

The use of our state-of-the-art facilities including Deluxe, waist-high tubs, Professional grade shampoo and conditioner, Therapeutic massaging bath system, Clean towels, Blow dryers, Brushes & combs, Waterproof apron, and Professional bathing advice.

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