Everything You Want to Know About Our Unique Pet Concierge Service.

Pick up and Drop off

Fidus has a special partnership with Dogs Day Out exclusively for the residents of Cross Creek at Grapevine Ranch. The daycare and boarding daily rates INCLUDE round trip transportation on the Fidus Shuttle for your dog(s) to and from Dogs Day Out. How cool is that?!!

a. Yes. Your pups are registered with Fidus and the Fidus daycare partner (Dogs Day Out). If you miss the shuttle you can take your dog directly to Dogs Day Out and check them in for the day.

b. If you choose to take your pup to the daycare without the use of the Fidus shuttle, the Fidus concierge will not be aware that your dog is in daycare and Fidus WILL NOT pick your dog up from the daycare at the end of the day. If you drop off your dog at Dogs Day Out yourself and you would like the Fidus shuttle to bring your pup home from daycare at the end of the day YOU MUST contact the Fidus concierge no later than 1200PM of the pickup day to let them know that you would like your dog(s) picked up. If you contact the Fidus concierge and if, and only if, the Fidus concierge confirms there is space available for your dog on the Fidus return shuttle, an additional $10 fee will be applied to your payment method on file for the return shuttle transportation.

The latest Fidus will accept dogs for the shuttle is 730AM. If you miss the drop off deadline of 730AM, it will be considered to be a cancellation and the cancellation policy will apply.

The Fidus staff will be ready to accept dogs as early as 700AM, but not before 700AM.

a. Technically, no. But if you want a reserved spot in daycare or boarding for any particular day, confirmed reservations are highly recommended. To make a request for a reservation, please contact the FIdus concierge via the Fidus app or call the Fidus concierge to make daycare reservations at least 24 hours in advance. The concierge will inform you whether there is availability for the day(s) you have requested. You do not have a reservation until you receive a confirmation from the FIdus concierge.

b. If you know that you will be using daycare more than once a week or on a regular basis, Fidus can book your pup(s) for as many days as you like in advance. That said, please see the cancellation policy.

c. Fidus cannot guarantee that your dog(s) will have a seat on the shuttle if you arrive for check in without a reservation and there will be a transport fee charged if a Fidus employee needs to bring your dog back to your apartment home for you.

The Cross Creek clubhouse.

Fidus has launched the shuttle service with 1 pick up time. As demand increases, and if there is additional daycare capacity available with our daycare partner, we will add an additional shuttle run and increase the daily daycare capacity.

Fidus shuttle services are not provided during the weekend days (Saturdays and Sundays).

a. The Fidus boarding partner has 14 guaranteed kennels for boarding for our residents during peak holiday weeks. Additional kennels may be available if capacity permits and will be on a first come first serve basis.

b. The Fidus boarding partner has 10 guaranteed kennels for boarding for our residents during non-peak weeks. Additional spots may be available if capacity permits and will be on a first come first served basis.

Initial daycare capacity via the Fidus Shuttle service is 17 dogs a day.

The Fidus shuttle service currently has one drop off time between 600PM and 630 PM (depending on traffic), Monday through Friday.

The Fidus shuttle service currently has one pick up time, Monday through Friday. Your dog(s) must be checked-in at the Fidus concierge check-in location beginning at 700AM and no later than 730AM. Late arrivals (after 730AM) are subject to a late cancellation fee that is the equivalent of the services you ordered.

Eligibility Requirements for Daycare

Yes. The Fidus Shuttle has separate kennels for each pup that are secured to the vehicle for transportation.

a. You will be provided with a Fidus plastic container for your dog items for boarding. You must provide adequate food portioned per day, in separate bags, for the entire boarding period, any medications with printed out Fidus medication form that provides the boarding facility clear directions regarding which medicine is to be administered to which dog, how much (dosage), how many times a day and what time of day. Your container must be sealed. Fidus staff members will transport your pup and their boarding stay container to Dogs Day Out for their stay. Only you and the Dogs Day Out staff will open the container.

b. You can also send your pup with any toys or blankets you would like them to stay with.

c. RAWHIDES are strictly forbidden. Any rawhide product or product that appears to be rawhide will be left in the container and sent home with your pup at the end of their stay.

Yes. Dogs Day Out will provide medication to your dog during daycare and boarding. They can administer any medication prescribed for your dog(s) including injectables. You must provide a completed Fidus medication form to the Fidus concierge regarding your dog’s medication.

Yes. As part of the Fidus registration process, you must provide proof of renter’s insurance that includes animal liability with a minimum coverage of $50,000 that covers your specific dogs. Fidus Pet Concierge and Cross Creek at Grapevine Ranch need to be named as additional insured on your renter’s policy. State Farm renter’s insurance does not have any breed or size restrictions. If you decide to use renter’s insurance other than State Farm, you will need to obtain an insurance coverage letter from your insurance company that confirms that your specific dog(s) are covered for animal liability for a minimum of $50,000 and names Fidus Pet Concierge and Cross Creek at Grapevine Ranch as additional insured.


Refund decisions for services that have been used are solely at the discretion of Dogs Day Out.

a. Each Fidus partner has different kennel sizes that can accommodate larger, smaller, and multiple sized dogs. We encourage you to visit Dogs Day Out’s website to learn more about the kennel sizes. http://dogsdayouttexas.com/

b. You can also contact the Fidus concierge via the mobile app or phone for more information.

Unfortunately, if there is only space for one dog only one of your dogs will be able to attend daycare that day.

a. Fidus has contracted with our daycare/boarding partner for a guaranteed minimum number of spots for Fidus residents for both daycare and boarding. If you book sufficiently in advance, there should be a spot available for your pup.

b. The Fidus monthly concierge fee also covers booking assistance for dog walking and in-unit feeding services performed by the Fidus staff.

Fidus daycare and boarding partnerships provide us with a certain number of guaranteed daycare and boarding spots for our residents during peak and off-peak weeks during the year. If we see that our resident requests for daycare and boarding are growing we attempt to get additional guaranteed spots exclusively for our residents.

Yes. In the event that daycare and boarding are fully booked, you can be placed on a wait list. If a cancellation occurs and you are next on the waitlist you will be contacted and provided an opportunity to take the daycare or boarding spot for your requested dates.

a. Cancellations for services during non-peak holiday weeks that are made more than 24 hours in advance are free (subject to the max limit of 3 – see below).

b. Each resident has a maximum of 3 free cancellations in total for either daycare or boarding per 12 month period. After 3 cancellations, there will be a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the service that was booked for non peak weeks.

c. Cancellations for services during peak weeks must be canceled more than 2 weeks in advance. Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice for peak weeks will result in the full cost of the booked service being charged.

No. Confirmed reservations are non-transferable.

a. There is limited boarding availability during these weeks. Please book VERY VERY early, as space is very limited and it fills up well in advance.

b. During peak holiday weeks boarding must be booked 2 weeks in advance. Any appointments requested less than 2 weeks prior to the requested date cannot be guaranteed. There is a 5 night minimum boarding requirement if any of your boarding nights occur during any night of a peak holiday week.

Boarding reservations for off-peak weeks and for weekends must be made no later than 48 hours in advance. Any appointments requested later than 48 hours prior to the requested date cannot be guaranteed. Please note: there is limited capacity for boarding, so please make your boarding reservations as far in advance as possible.

Christmas, New Year, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, and spring break.

500PM the day before your requested daycare day. The Fidus shuttle is first come first serve for residents that do not have a confirmed reservation. Therefore we highly recommend that you book your daycare days in advance to secure a spot on the FIdus shuttle for your dog(s).

Payment for all Fidus services are made via the Fidus app.

a. If your dog is younger than 6 months old they may attend daycare or boarding without being spayed or neutered.

b. All dogs older than 6 months old must be spayed or neutered to participate in daycare or boarding.

a. The vaccinations required for Fidus resident pups are: Bordetella, DHLPP and Rabies. Influenza is strongly recommended as well.

b. Additionally, your pups will be required to have any vaccinations that are required by Dogs Day Out.

a. As soon as all of your registration requirements with both Fidus and Dogs Day Out have been completed, your pup(s) can go to daycare.

b. Your pup must complete the temperament test day. This is a free first day of daycare where your pup will be assessed at the daycare facility by the daycare team to ensure that your dog is a good fit for daycare. At the end of the temperament test day the Dog Day Out staff will provide feedback on how your pup did and a decision of whether or not they are approved for daycare. The vast majority of dogs are accepted for daycare.

a. In order to sign up for daycare there a few steps that you have to complete:

  • Download the Fidus app and set up your account. The Fidus ap will be available starting April 17, 2023.
  • Add your dog(s) to the Fidus account via the app and complete all of their pet care information.
  • Complete your pet(s) meet and greet with a Fidus staff member.
  • Add your payment method (credit or debit card) into the Fidus App
  • Upload vaccination records to the Fidus app
  • Register online with Dogs Day Out. This is a separate registration process and is required before your dog will be allowed into daycare. http://dogsdayouttexas.com/
  • Make your reservation for daycare with the Fidus concierge via the Fidus app or contact the Fidus Concierge directly by phone.
  • Drop off your pup at the Fidus check-in area during the drop-off time window for their day out!

b. You can download the Fidus app in the Google Play Store or Apple Store starting April 17, 2023.

Dogs Day Out Registration

Your pup must complete the Dogs Day Out temperament test day. This is a free day of daycare where your pup will be assessed to ensure that they are a good fit for daycare. At the end of the temperament test day the Dogs Day Out staff will provide feedback on how your pup did and a decision of whether or not they are approved for daycare. You do not need to be present at Dogs Day Out during the temperament test day for your dog.

a. You can register online here http://dogsdayouttexas.com/forms/Dogs-Day-Out-Boarding-Application.pdf

b. You can also call Dogs Day Out at (972) 459-6690 with any questions regarding the registration process.

Dog bites & Injuries

a. In the event that your dog bites another dog, you as the dog owner will be responsible for any veterinary bills associated with caring for the injured dog.

b. The bite situation will be assessed and at the sole discretion of Dogs Day Out. Your dog may be dismissed from daycare or allowed to stay if Dogs Day Out has determined that the bite event was not an act of aggression. This determination is solely at the discretion of Dogs Day Out.