a. Yes. Your pups are registered with Fidus and the Fidus daycare partner (Dogs Day Out). If you miss the shuttle you can take your dog directly to Dogs Day Out and check them in for the day.

b. If you choose to take your pup to the daycare without the use of the Fidus shuttle, the Fidus concierge will not be aware that your dog is in daycare and Fidus WILL NOT pick your dog up from the daycare at the end of the day. If you drop off your dog at Dogs Day Out yourself and you would like the Fidus shuttle to bring your pup home from daycare at the end of the day YOU MUST contact the Fidus concierge no later than 1200PM of the pickup day to let them know that you would like your dog(s) picked up. If you contact the Fidus concierge and if, and only if, the Fidus concierge confirms there is space available for your dog on the Fidus return shuttle, an additional $10 fee will be applied to your payment method on file for the return shuttle transportation.