a. In order to sign up for daycare there a few steps that you have to complete:

  • Download the Fidus app and set up your account. The Fidus ap will be available starting April 17, 2023.
  • Add your dog(s) to the Fidus account via the app and complete all of their pet care information.
  • Complete your pet(s) meet and greet with a Fidus staff member.
  • Add your payment method (credit or debit card) into the Fidus App
  • Upload vaccination records to the Fidus app
  • Register online with Dogs Day Out. This is a separate registration process and is required before your dog will be allowed into daycare. http://dogsdayouttexas.com/
  • Make your reservation for daycare with the Fidus concierge via the Fidus app or contact the Fidus Concierge directly by phone.
  • Drop off your pup at the Fidus check-in area during the drop-off time window for their day out!

b. You can download the Fidus app in the Google Play Store or Apple Store starting April 17, 2023.