a. Technically, no. But if you want a reserved spot in daycare or boarding for any particular day, confirmed reservations are highly recommended. To make a request for a reservation, please contact the FIdus concierge via the Fidus app or call the Fidus concierge to make daycare reservations at least 24 hours in advance. The concierge will inform you whether there is availability for the day(s) you have requested. You do not have a reservation until you receive a confirmation from the FIdus concierge.

b. If you know that you will be using daycare more than once a week or on a regular basis, Fidus can book your pup(s) for as many days as you like in advance. That said, please see the cancellation policy.

c. Fidus cannot guarantee that your dog(s) will have a seat on the shuttle if you arrive for check in without a reservation and there will be a transport fee charged if a Fidus employee needs to bring your dog back to your apartment home for you.