Tips & Demo: How to Entertain Your Dog & Cat with a Flirt Pole/Wand Toy

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One of the best ways to get your pets exercise and keep them entertained at home is with a flirt pole, also called a wand toy. It not only helps to create a bond with your pets but it requires little effort on your end, it’s inexpensive to purchase or even cheaper to make your own using things at home! Both cats and dogs can enjoy hours of endless fun and exercise indoors or outdoors using the same toy.

Our favorite flirt pole to purchase is Tail Teasers Wand due to the customer reviews, price, and durability.

How to play with a dog using a flirt pole:

Flirt Pole Play Tips:

1. Play a few 8-15 minute sessions per day to ensure your pet keeps their heart rate up.

2. Make sure you let them catch the toy every now and then to keep them interested.

3. Move at different speeds to keep them on their toes!

4. Try hiding the toy underneath things and climbing up the walls or on top of their bed to change it up.

5. Roll the toy in cat nip to make your kitty extra happy.

6. Hide the toy away when you’re done playing to keep it interesting and to avoid it from being damaged/ingested.

How to play with a cat using a flirt pole:

Note on the Toy:

If your pet doesn’t care for the toy on the end or quickly destroys it, feel free to take it off and replace it with their favorite toy such as feathers, a rope toy, a sock, or even a mop head. Just make sure it is flexible, large enough not to swallow, and it should not have any sharp edges.

How to make your own flirt pole at home:

1. Grab a wood stick, PVC pipe, metal skewer or a stick found outside

2. Tie a string to one end and your pets favorite toy to the other side and voila!

3. OR read detailed instructions on how to make it here

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Happy Playing!


We are not being reimbursed in any way to advertise this product, we genuinely love this toy for our own pets and we recommend it to many of our clients.

We just want to reiterate that this is a fun and interactive game to play with your pet and it should be put away when not using it. Please supervise pets when they are chewing on any toy and make sure that it is an appropriate size for their mouth to avoid ingesting or choking.

And of course, make sure that your pets are healthy and physically fit enough to play this game safely.